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About CarSense

If you haven't been to CarSense, it's a most refreshing place. One completely free of the usual haggling, the usual uncertainties, and all the frustrating things that often get in the way of the pleasure of buying a preowned car.

You'll notice the difference the minute you set foot on a Car Sense lot. Salespeople don't pester you, because they're not paid on the traditional commission basis. There's no tension, because our best price - often hundreds lower than Kelley Blue Book - is already on the sticker. You don't have to wonder about how our cars will perform - we select only a handful of the hundreds of cars we see each week, then inspect those finalists 109 different ways. In fact, we have such confidence in the cars we sell, you can return them for up to five full days after the sale, no questions asked. And they're warrantied on everything down to the wiper blades for 6 months or 6,000 miles, with extended warranties available up to 100,000 miles.

CarSense was founded by Fran McGowen and Karl Kreutzberger of The McGowen Group, a trusted name in cars for over four decades. The principals of CarSense themselves travel over the entire eastern seaboard looking at thousands of cars in order to hand select the most desirable models in the best condition with the lowest mileage for our customers. For a look at our incomparable collection, click on Inventory or use the convenient touch screen vehicle locators in our salesroom.
• No Haggle, Bottom Line Pricing • Comprehensive 109 Point Vehicle Inspection
• Five-Day, Money-Back Guarantee • AutoCheck History on Every Vehicle
• 12 Acres of Late Model Pre-Owned Cars • State-of-the-Art Service Facility
• Friendly Salaried Consultants (No Commissions) • Touch Screen Computerized Vehicle Selection
• 6 Month/6,000 Mile Bumper-to-Bumper Warranty • Carefully selected cars